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Karashi Bilis (500g)

Karashi Bilis (500g)

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Crunchy and comforting, this ready-to-eat snack is made of all-natural ingredients and seasonings. It’s great on its own and just as enjoyable as a topping for salads, canapes, pastas or over hot steamed rice! 


Quantity & Weight: 2 pouch x 250g No MSG, no added preservatives & no artificial colourings Gluten-free All products are Halal-certified

Aromatic, crunchy and flavourful, AYA Real Food Crispy Bilis is the kind of comfort food you want to always have around. It’s made of all-natural ingredients and seasonings so you can indulge without guilt. Enjoy it on its own, as a canape or salad garnish, sprinkle over pasta or onto hot steamed rice…any way you like! Warning: May be addictive.

Anchovies, Oil, Chilli, Fried Shallots, Anchovies Powder, Sugar.

Canape: Serve it canape-style by pairing with pastry and other toppings. Popcorn: Mix with sweet popcorn for a TV/movie snack! Riceball: Use it as a filling for onigiri or sushi, sprinkle over pasta or hot steamed rice. Ultimate Tip: Our Karashi Bilis can be paired and used to create limitless recipes, so feel free to let your creativity go wild!

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