Terms of Use and Privacy

1. Term of Use

Welcome, you must be thinking what is this terms of use and privacy and is it all that important? In a nutshell this terms of use covers what can you rely on when you use our website and what are the do’s and don’t for both of us.


So yes, it is important to say the very least. When you share the information with us we will store it in our database. Also, you may at any time decide not to continue sharing the information with us. So let’s scroll down to find out more.

2. Ownership

We are the proud owner of this website and all that you see here belongs to us. Most importantly all that is published here by us are accurate to the best of our knowledge and may be relied upon at the time of publishing. We allow you to download available materials for educational purposes or for case study. But if you do that, you are required to notify us, who knows we may have something better suited for you.


However, we do not allow you to use any of our items, images and information in our website for commercial purposes. You may tag us on any social media platform but you are not allowed to resell our products. If you want to resell our product, please contact us, we do have reseller program.

3. Purchase

Our products have different ranges and at all times our aim is to ensure you are satisfied with our product. After selection of your proffered product, we require you to make purchase by keying in your information for delivery purposes and payment, the payment system will be provided by third party. At any event, once you make payment you will receive notification from us. If you do not get that, let us know soonest.


We are responsible from the moment you order the product to delivery, once we deliver the responsibility is yours. If you are not at the destination of the product, another person may accept the product on your behalf, unless you inform us otherwise all products delivered by us to you is considered merchantable (sellable) quality and good for use.


That is why it is important that once you accept the product, please make sure that the seal is not broken. If it is broken, let us know and we will make the exchange. Here, we do not offer refunds but we do offer exchanges.

4. Changes

For us to operate efficiently, we need to adapt and make changes so please look out at this page. We will feature all changes to our terms here and as much as we like, it would be impractical for us to notify you of the changes, so keep a lookout on our page.

5. Links to Third Party

Some of our website link example payment system, news delivery and delivery mode among others are related to third party sites. Please note that we have no control over these third party actions. Therefore, we do not make any warranty and therefore are not to be held accountable towards the actions or non-actions by these third party.

6. Privacy and Security

Well, we are sure there must be something that you like if you are visiting our page. Our aim is to make your experience lively and ensure this website is easy to use because we put a lot of effort to making sure that this page is attractive and easy to use hence.


During your visit you may be required to fill in your information example id, username, email address, delivery address and etc but don’t be scared, this information will only be kept by us at our database only. This is because when we have offers, we want you to be among the first to know. At the same time, we may want to add features and incorporate your previous items spent so you can keep track of your buys and we can also notify you when we have other items which we think is suitable for you.


You also have the right to add, subtract, delete any of your personal information in regards to your date. All information shared by you will be kept in accordance with the guideline by Malaysia Data Protection Act 2010 so rest assured there is no way we will share this with third party.

7. Law and Jurisdiction

The terms set out in this website and all matters in regards to this site, purchases and privacy is governed under Malaysian law.