AYA Real Food’s Festive Delights: 7 Days CNY Recipe

As Chinese New Year gears up, we totally get the excitement mixed with a dash of "oh no, so much to do!" Prepping for CNY reunions, Yan Yat (人日), Chor 7 (初七), and the whole shebang can be a real hustle.

Brace yourselves because your Chinese New Year meals are about to reach peak deliciousness with minimal effort – AYA Real Food is here to make that happen. Level up your feast with our ready-to-eat snacks (Karashi Bilis), pastes and condiments (Kalio & Gillies Rendang). 

No more kitchen stress - just scroll down for simple and exciting recipes that'll make you the CNY culinary superstar! 🌟🥢

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Festive recipes:

Fried Kalio Shrimp 

January 18, 2024

Gillies Dim Sum 

January 18, 2024

Karashi Bilis Spring Roll 

January 18, 2024