AYA was named after my daughter and just like her, was born out of love. I hope you taste the love when you cook with AYA sauces and pastes.

Aya is a love story, a story of a mother’s love for her daughter.

Ever since I had my precious little one, my life has taken a complete turn. Perspectives have changed along with priorities and when you throw work-life juggle into the mix, you can bet my days often get pretty stressful and chaotic! But when I see Aya’s sweet face, that cute smile and hear her gentle gurgles, none of that matters.

Like any other parent, I want only the best for my daughter and it begins from ensuring she gets the right and adequate nutrition. Healthy eating feeds healthy bodies which, in turn, develop healthy minds.

Driven by that aim, I created AYA ready-to-cook sauces and pastes. Crafted from time-honoured recipes that use all-natural ingredients, our products contain no MSG, no preservatives and no artificial colours. Packed full of authentic flavours, they are made to be easy to use – because I know time is a luxury for parents – so that you can prepare delicious, nutritious meals for your whole family in a matter of minutes.

AYA is homecooking made easy.

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