"Like any other parent, I want only the best for my daughter and its begins from ensuring she gets the right and adequate nutrition. Healthy eating feeds healthy bodies which, in turn develop healthy minds"

AYA is backed by years of industry experience, coming from a homegrown independent food manufacturing company based in Taiping, Perak and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. Our products and manufacturing plant carry the HACCP certification, and is also certified HALAL by the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (JAKIM).

Conscious with allergen towards gluten and lack awareness in Malaysia our founder decided to venture into food industry that able to provide a gluten free range for the consumers. Another factor that has caught our founder attention, after years of market research there is limited choices for vegetarian friendly products.

Driven by that aim, AYA (Authentic, Yummy and Amazing) was created which consist of condiments, ready-to-cook sauces and pastes. Crafted from time-honored recipes that use all-natural ingredients, our products contain no MSG, no Preservatives and no Artificial Coloring. Packed full of authentic flavors, they are made to be easy to use.

AYA has become the pioneer local company that produces gluten free and vegetarian friendly range of product. Our main goal is to cater all classes of society within the country by providing affordable prices of healthy premium food products.